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Kinsleigh’s Birth Story


There is nothing that gives me a greater sense of joy and fulfillment than documenting such a life changing and beautiful moment, the moment when a newborn baby enters the world and fills your heart with so much love that it feels like it could break. August 31, 2014 was no exception. When I arrived at the hospital, I knew that Kayla and Cody’s baby girl was going to have so many people that loved her. Grandparent’s, aunties, uncles and friends all waited anxiously in the waiting room, taking turns visiting with the couple, while Cody, Kayla’s Mom, and her Best Friend were Kayla’s support team and never left her side. Her support team was incredible- cooling her forehead with a damp cloth, massaging her feet, holding her hand and encouraging her and uplifting her when the pain became almost too much to bear. There is something I love about just standing back and being a wallflower, watching and capturing real and raw emotion, and witnessing the relationships between people. Day turned to night, and Kayla’s labour pains were relentless and excruciating, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as our hearts ached seeing her in so much pain. I admire Kayla so much, she is one of the strongest and bravest people I have ever met, she kept going even when most people would have given up. Finally after over 24 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing, they lovingly welcomed their beautiful daughter Kinsleigh into the world at 4:36 AM. The room was filled with so much joy and adoration, as this beautiful baby girl with a head full of dark hair, quietly gazed up at her family in wonder.




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