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Chantelle & Tyler- St. Lucia Destination Wedding

Capturing Chantelle and Tyler’s wedding will always be one of the most incredible and memorable experiences for me. As someone with a passion for travelling, there is nothing more exciting than destination weddings. It is like a dream come true to be able to document people’s love stories in some of the most gorgeous and unique settings that the world has to offer! My friend Chantelle, also has a passion for travel so I was not surprised when she let me know that she would be getting married in St. Lucia at the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay! When we landed at the airport and stepped off the plane, it was pouring rain and it was completely breathtaking! Unlike other tropical destinations I have been to, St. Lucia was mountainous! As the sun peeked out behind the clouds and drenched the land in glistening gold, I stared out of the back of the shuttle van in wonder. Plunging valleys lush with trees were lit up by the setting sun as far as the eye could see, this moment is one that will forever be etched in my mind, it was so beautiful! Banana trees lined the narrow road and we passed through quaint villages filled with colourful houses and fruit stands! Children played happily in the streets and lovers walked blissfully hand in hand, I instantly fell in love with the simple way of life that I saw before me. Each and every person that lived there was so friendly and kind. Before the wedding I got the opportunity to take several excursions with Chantelle and Tyler and with all of the girls that came for the wedding. Chantelle, Tyler and myself took a gondola tour through and over the forest canopy and saw astonishing views of the island. We also did a hike through parts of the forest and got to visit a hummingbird garden. On another day, the girls and I took a catamaran tour around the island where we got to have lunch prepared by the locals, go snorkelling and visit a local market (If you ever are in St. Lucia you must go to the market!). Finally, the wedding day was here and I couldn’t wait! Chantelle looked absolutely gorgeous (Tyler looked pretty handsome too!). She wore a simple, yet stunning ivory La Sposa gown and had incredible Marc De Fang heels completely enrobed in pearls (I may have been slightly obsessed with these shoes, they were the perfect look for a seaside wedding!) Chantelle and her bridesmaids all wore custom jewellery made by Barefoot Creations in Drayton Valley, and Chantelle’s dad’s amazing fiancé Theresa made the gorgeous silk bouquets to be brought along for the wedding! Tyler waited excitedly for Chantelle in the wedding gazebo on top of  a hill overlooking the ocean. It was decorated beautifully with lush island flowers and shells. After the wedding, guests enjoyed champagne and visiting for a while and then we left to Pigeon Island to take some photos on the ruins. For the reception, Chantelle and Tyler chose a beach barbecue, which was gorgeous as the sun was setting behind the tent! It was a fun and relaxed evening of visiting, enjoying the amazing food and listening to the music of talented local artists! A few days later we went to a nearby beach for our sunset Trash The Dress Session (the dress doesn’t actually get trashed, just wet). It was absolutely incredible and resulted in some of my favourite shots from their wedding. I can not thank this beautiful couple enough for choosing me to photograph their gorgeous wedding. Of all the places I have been I can honestly say that St. Lucia is my favourite, and I can’t wait to return again one day!


I am excited that this wedding was published by Wedloft and you can view the article here


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