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Krista & Braden- Jamaica Destination Wedding

One of the things in life I love most is to travel to places I have never been before, and to photograph people in love- it is always incredible when I get to do both at the same time! Earlier this month my husband and I headed to Runaway Bay, Jamaica to photograph Krista and Braden’s gorgeous wedding!  Krista is also a very talented local photographer so it was a real honour that she chose me to capture their special day! Krista and Braden are not only gorgeous, but hilarious and down to earth- they are a match made in heaven! They are also the most wonderful and loving parents to a beautiful little girl, Makayla! The morning of the wedding it was raining, and I don’t mean a light sprinkle- I am talking about a torrential downpour!!! The hotel mentioned that they would probably have to move the wedding indoors to a conference room, but these two didn’t travel all the way to Jamaica to get married inside and were determined to celebrate their special day on the beach! My fingers and toes were crossed that the rain would stop and that it wouldn’t interfere with the day! By the time the girls started to get ready, the rain slowed down quite a bit and finally went away for most of the day with the exception of a few light showers periodically! Having kids around always makes for some hilarious and adorable moments, and one of my favourites from that morning is when Krista asked if we could get a shot of Makayla in her wedding dress! As they put it on Makayla began to break down and cry because “the dress didn’t fit her” and she insisted on putting the “straps” on (The loops inside of the dress you hook onto a clothes hanger to hang the dress). She forgot all about the dress that didn’t fit her when she got to put on her very own princess gown! We headed down to the wedding chapel on the beach for a short, but sweet and heartfelt ceremony filled with laughter. The resort surprised the happy couple and a few guests with refreshments in the garden gazebo and a horse drawn carriage ride afterwards! Guests danced the night away and we snuck outside for a few minutes to get some pretty shots in front of the twinkly lights! A few days later we walked to a neighbouring beach to do their Trash the Dress photos, which resulted in some of my favourite shots from the trip! I love photographing Trash the Dress photos a few days later because it is so intimate, romantic and relaxed! Congrats Krista and Braden, I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see what amazing things happen in your lives next!

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