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Turner- Newborn Session

I had been eagerly waiting for this handsome little guy to arrive for months, when I was shocked to find out one day that he had been born on the side of the road and delivered by his dad! His mom had felt a few contractions at home and decided they should head to the city just in case things started progressing! They didn’t even make it to Seba Beach when to his parents shock and amazement, their perfect son entered the world! Turner is such a sweet, content little baby and was so cooperative for us! He flashed us a few heart warming smiles, gave us some hilarious grumpy faces (I included one of his scowl as it is just too adorable not to share!), got lots of different setups in and even got to include a few special blankets that his mom made/ordered for him! What a perfect day it was of baby snuggles and visiting with the simply wonderful family! Congrats to the Nelson family on the newest addition to your family! I can’t wait to capture him grow!

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