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Nova- Newborn Session

It is so wonderful to see your good friends find love and have beautiful families! While I was having tea with Amanda one afternoon before Nova was born, I asked her if they had found out whether they were having a boy or a girl, to which she replied that they hadn’t because not knowing is one of life’s greatest surprises! As much as I  can’t wait to find out surprises, I always think it is awesome when my friends don’t find out what they are having because Amanda is right- that is a pretty great surprise! When you are excited for something, time seems to drag on forever, which is exactly how I was feeling waiting for Amanda’s baby to arrive! I was so excited to find out whether she would be having a boy or a girl- and I was ecstatic when a sweet baby girl arrived! Amanda and Warren also hadn’t revealed what their name picks were and when I heard her name, I fell in love! It is so pretty and unique! Nova is the sweetest little baby and has the most adorable little button nose, chubby cheeks and beautiful head of hair! I just loved spending the afternoon with her! Congrats Amanda & Warren, I am so happy for you and can’t wait for all of the big and exciting things happening for you this year!

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