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Rustic Mountain Wedding Inspiration Shoot

I have a confession: sometimes as an artist I feel completely uninspired and stuck in a creative rut.

When i’m feeling this way, I find it refreshing to dream up a creative project just for me! I LOVE stylizing shoots, thinking of ideas and adding pretty little details! Last summer I had visited Crescent Falls to photograph an elopement, it immediately captured my heart and has become one of my favourite places. I knew that I needed to do a stylized wedding shoot there! I envisioned something rustic with rich fall and winter colours, beautiful florals and comforting home baked desserts. I decided on a colour palette of merlot and blush with accents of earthy greens. I love how this shoot came together and am so thankful for the talented team of vendors that came together with me for this project, for our lovely model Kayla who hiked down a mountain in a wedding dress, and for my family who (even though they probably thought I was crazy) drove 3 hours in 2 different vehicles and helped me haul all of this stuff down a hill and onto the top of a waterfall! I can’t wait to start planning my next creative shoot, except this time, maybe a little closer to home! 😉

Photography: Melanie Bennett Photography
Concept/Styling: Melanie Bennett Photography & Rhonda Mayer
Bouquet/Centerpiece/Table Runner: Valley House of Flowers
Veil: Enchanted Ever After
Makeup: Morgan Bailey
Hair: Camille Weston
Linens/Candelabras/Wood Chargers: The Flower Farm
Stationary: AJ’s Craft Creations
Dessert Table & Sign: The Peppermint Hen
Cake: Lindsey’s Cupcakes and Cakes
Dining Table: The Country Barn
Assistants: Greg Bennett and Brandon Mayer
Models: Kayla and Mitch Boucher


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