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Grace- Lifestyle Newborn Photos

If you have ever had a chance to get to know the Prince family, you will know they are ones to immediately captivate your heart and make you feel like you have been friends for ages. I don’t use the term “soul mates” too often, but if I had to pick one couple to define it, it’s Aurelia and Craig. They have a relationship unlike anything I have witnessed before- the gentle and loving way they speak to each other just melts your heart. They are always thinking of each other and offering to help each other out in any way that they can- they make such an amazing team. I first met this couple when they were expecting their first child, Avery! I have since had the privilege of photographing her newborn photos, 1 year photos, maternity photos again and finally, newborn photos for their newest precious angel, Grace. I am also blessed to now call them my friends! I joined them in their home to capture some lifestyle  photos of them as a family. I love this kind of session because it is easygoing, relaxed and captures families in their natural element. I find it also takes loads of pressure off of younger siblings when the expectation of having them cooperate and sit in front of a backdrop is removed- we all know how busy and active 2 year olds can be! Big sister Avery did SO great and just adores her new baby sister! It was so cute to see them all snuggled up together! I enjoyed capturing all of the little things about Grace that you don’t want to forget- from her sweet little toes and fresh baby curls to her long eyelashes. She gave us lots of different facial expressions and a few sweet smiles, you can see that she already has her own little personality! We finished off the session with just a few posed photos that I also love! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful family! Enjoy!


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