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Kinsleigh- 6 Month Lifestyle Session

I have loved watching this little miss grow! I photographed her while she was in her mama’s belly, her entrance into the world, her newborn photos and now her 6 month photos! This baby and her family has a special place in my heart and she is becoming more and more beautiful each day! I joined Kinsleigh and her mama at home for a little lifestyle session to document her 6 month milestone. It was so great to just hang out with them (and their pup Berkley!) doing day to day stuff, we even got to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather and sunshine! I absolutely had to take a few photos of them in this gorgeous patch of trees in their yard and Kinsleigh was no suddenly longer interested in me and my funny camera but was quite fascinated with all of the sticks and grass she could explore! She just loved it! Kinsleigh’s mama wanted a few bare bum shots and they turned out SO adorable, I just love all of her baby rolls and dimples! It turns out that Kinsleigh loves being in her birthday suit and was all full of giggles and smiles!


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