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Newborn Ryker

This is one of my favourite newborn sessions to date, you can see the love radiating from Ryker’s mommy and it just melts my heart! I honestly wanted to keep this little guy! He is such a sweet and perfect baby boy, he posed so well for me and let me get in a ton of different setups, but I have to say that he is the HUNGRIEST little baby I have ever met! His mama told me when she arrived that literally all he does is eat and poop (isn’t that what all babies are supposed to do?) and man, she wasn’t kidding!:)If he keeps growing at this rate he will be bigger than her in no time! I adored his squishy baby rolls, pouty expressions and beautiful red hair! He is so handsome! Ryker’s lovely Grandma was visiting all the way from the East Coast  so we got to hang out with her all afternoon and get some really special 3 generation shots in! I got to test out a few different outfits that I had made for this session, and Amanda brought in some special ones of her own to use as well! Her sister had a turtle and boxer outfit made for him, and we used the blue ribbon that Amanda had used for a few of her maternity photos! I can’t wait to see this little man grow!



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