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Jake’s First Birthday Photos & Cake Smash- Drayton Valley Photographer

I first met Jake when he was only a few days old, he instantly captured my heart with his big squishy lips and chubby cheeks- he looked like a baby cherub. I was privileged to see him again this week for his first birthday photos and he still melts me with that same adorable sweet face! Mom and Dad wanted to do a little fishing themed cake smash, and let me have creative control over the setup! It was so much fun to plan! I pictured a country/natural type setup but with a few pops of colour to add some festivity as it was to celebrate his birthday! My mom often assists me with sessions (I definitely got my creative brain from her, she is SO talented and I have been trying to persuade her for a while now to just quit her job and come be my partner) and together we made the setup, fish garland (inspired by a photo we saw on Pinterest), cake topper and little fishing rod! I am so thankful for all of her help, she is AMAZING!  If you are like my husband and thought the dirt around the cake and in the can of worms was real, not to worry, it was only delicious oreo crumbs for Jake’s enjoyment! Thanks so much to Lindsey’s Cupcakes and Cakes for making the fantastic blue cake, and to the lovely and kind hearted Alyssa Penner for graciously lending me the wood backdrops when the ones I ordered got sent to the wrong address and then shipped back to the United States! I adore the outfit that Mom and Dad dressed little Jake in, it was absolutely perfect for the session! We started off the afternoon with some family photos outdoors at one of my favourite spots and then headed indoors for an insanely fun cake smash! There were giggles, the cake was flying, there were some pouty faces and there were even a few (quite hilarious) meltdowns! I hope you enjoy the photos of this sweet little boy, I know when I see his smile my day is instantly a little brighter!:)Happy Birthday Jake!

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