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Cohen is 1! – Drayton Valley Photographer

This little boy has officially stolen my heart with his goofy and charming personality, big blue eyes and wispy blonde curls! I can’t believe he is already one year old! His family chose my Baby’s First Year package so I have had the absolute honour of watching him grow from the time he was in his mama’s tummy until now! It is amazing to see how much babies change even in just a few short months and to see their unique personalities develop! We started off the afternoon doing a few outdoor family shots and natural photos of Cohen exploring nature- he loved pulling out the grass, walking like a big boy and playing with tree bark! I love taking candid photos of children just being themselves! Afterwards, we headed inside so Cohen could enjoy a delicious ombre birthday cake made especially for him by his Auntie Aria with Whisk Bakery! She makes amazing creations that all taste so delicious, I would definitely recommend checking her work out on instagram: @whiskbakerydv

For his cake smash, his mom requested a very simple blue and white setup and I adore how it looks! It has fun pops of colour, but the focus is all on Cohen! I think this may be one of my favourite cake smashes yet, though I may be a little biased since blue is one of my favourite colours! Cohen wasted no time digging right into his cake and immediately dove in face first! We had a blast watching his smash it all up, making silly faces and licking the icing off of his lips!



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