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Mila is One! – Drayton Valley Photographer

You may recognize this gorgeous family as you have probably seen them grace my website many times! I have had the complete joy of photographing all of the milestones for them since they found out they were having a baby until now! I can’t believe their sweet little Mila is already one year old- she is growing into such a beautiful and funny little girl! I absolutely love visiting with the Westlund’s every time they come to see me, they are some of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of knowing and are such amazing parents! Tiffany and I chatted about doing a purple ombre cake smash for Mila’s birthday photos and I couldn’t wait! I had Lindsey from Lindsey’s Cupcakes and Cakes make a big purple ombre cupcake and Tiffany brought along the most adorable outfit and headbands for Mila to wear! It turned out so perfectly! After doing some quick family photos outside, we headed in so Mila could enjoy her cake! She was so excited and all smiles when she saw it, and for the longest time only took tiny little bites of icing! She was the most delicate eater I had ever had for a cake smash! Eventually though, she figured out that it was a lot of fun to make a mess and smash the icing! Her older cousin, Jarron, came to watch and she had lots of laughs for him when he would make funny noises! It was a blast watching her enjoy and destroy every last piece of cake, what a perfect birthday celebration!


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