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A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement! – Drayton Valley Photographer

My job has a lot of great perks to it- I get to meet amazing people who often turn into great friends, be a part of special moments and one of the most exciting perks of all…. I often get to be the first to know secrets! I LOVE secrets!!! Proposals, elopements and pregnancy announcements- they are the best!!! Ashlie has been a friend of mine since high school and I was so thrilled when she messaged me to tell me that her and her husband are expecting their first baby and wanted to do some announcement photos! Her hubby, Craig, is super talented and made some awesome signs for us to use! They brought along their sweet dog Kingston and it had been a running joke that when Ashlie tried the sign on him at home he instantly hung his head and pouted! He mustn’t have been too sure about this “Guard Dog” business! I was super happy though that on the night we took the photos he was all smiles! I absolutely love this little session and am so excited to share a few of my favourites with you now that the big news has been shared with their family and friends! Congrats Ashlie and Craig!


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