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Courtney Grad 2015- Drayton Valley Photographer

Courtney looked like a princess that stepped straight out of a fairytale on her graduation day- from her beautiful long blonde hair to her simply stunning sequinned  pink gown, people everywhere had to stop and admire her beauty! One little girl even came up to us just to say hello to the princess! I have been friends with two of Courtney’s older sisters for quite some time now, so it was very special to be able to capture this exciting time and get to know Courtney! She has such a beautiful heart! I loved hearing about her plans for her future, I know she is going to accomplish incredible thing. I absolutely adore the McQueen family- not only are all of them incredibly gorgeous/handsome(Seriously, how lucky are they to have 4 beautiful daughters?!), but they are kind, sweet, welcoming and easy to talk to! I loved spending the morning with all of them! I am so thankful that this wonderful family included me in this exciting time and chose me to capture these moments! Congratulations Courtney, I am so happy for you! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

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