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Kala & Mark’s Banff Elopement- Drayton Valley Photographer

There is something so romantic and intimate about elopements. No stress, no obligations and no timelines- just you and the one you love alone together. When Kala contacted me to photograph their wedding day in Banff, I was so happy to be a part of their special day. They didn’t tell a soul, only her parents (who stood up for them as their witnesses) so it was thrilling to keep this special secret. I have absolutely loved getting to know this couple and watching their beautiful little girl grow, while anticipating meeting their second baby girl on the way!  Kala and Mark are a match made in heaven, they compliment each other perfectly and are the most incredible, loving parents. You can tell they are just crazy about each other and it was sweet to watch Mark be such a gentleman to his beautiful wife. Kala got her phenomenal hair and makeup done at The Hair Company and then headed back to their hotel, The Inns of Banff, where she finished getting ready. The time had finally come and we headed out to meet Mark at Lake Minnewanka where the ceremony would be taking place. Kala looked absolutely breathtaking in her lace dress and dainty flower crown, and Mark was sharply dressed in a nautical navy shirt and suspenders (Complete with matching beer drinking bear socks!). I am completely in love with this couples unique style! The couple hired Julie, a wedding planner from Rocky Mountain Weddings, to arrange the things they needed for their special day. She was so fun to work with and did a phenomenal job taking care of all of the details. She even entertained the couple’s baby girl Ava (Who was more interested in going for a walk through the forest) during the ceremony, so Kala’s parents could be present and enjoy the moment! Kala and Mark said I do on a rocky cliff in the forest, which overlooked the turquoise waters of the lake. There were sweet moments and moments of laughter (Especially when one very “enthusiastic” onlooker began to hoot and holler!), it was perfect. We spent the next few hours taking some photos around Banff before heading to Bumper’s Beef House for a laid back evening enjoying delicious meals, and some amazing wedding cake prepared by Helen at Cake Rhapsody! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. White (And Ava!), I can’t thank you enough for choosing me to be a part of one of the most wonderful moments of your lives, I know that you both are going to share a lifetime of love and happiness together! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek at your beautiful day!

Hair & Makeup: The Hair Company

Wedding Planner: Julie from Rocky Mountain Weddings

Wedding Cake: Helen from Cake Rhapsody

Bouquet: Made my Kala’s incredibly talented mom

Dress: Tiffany Rose

Shoes: Christian Siriano

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