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Andrea & Troy- Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer

When I first met Troy, I thought he seemed like a serious, quiet kind of guy. About 5 minutes into our engagement session, I found out that boy was I wrong! Nobody can make Andrea laugh or give her that sparkle in her eyes like he can and it is so beautiful to see them both so happy together. He seems to have this effect on most people- kids won’t smile for photos? No problem- Uncle Troy’s got this! Andrea was one calm, cool and collected Bride on the morning of her wedding. It was so peaceful when I walked in! I was thrilled when I found out she would be getting ready at Puressence Salon & Spa, not only are the staff incredibly talented but it has beautiful natural light for photos and it is decorated so trendy! I definitely recommend this location if you are having your wedding in Drayton Valley! The Groom, Groomsmen and Bride and Groom’s Children got ready at Service Plus Inns and Suites and headed over to the Church of God to eagerly await the bride’s arrival! Andrea looked completely breathtaking in her gown, I couldn’t wait until the moment all eyes were on her as she walked in! Jacob, Andrea’s son, walked her down the aisle along with his Grandpa and helped give her away- it was so sweet. Troy and Andrea’s kids also said vows to one another as well, it completely melted my heart as they promised to share their parents and be the best Big Sisters/Little Brother EVER! After the ceremony and photo time was over, we headed to the reception at Easyford Hall. My eye was instantly drawn to the beautiful cupcakes that the bride’s friend had made for them- they matched their colours perfectly (and tasted even more delicious than they looked!). Dinner was AMAZING Ukrainian food catered by Grandma Jo’s- this is one of my absolute favourite caterer’s in town and if you love delicious perogies and cabbage rolls you can’t go wrong having them provide the food for whatever event you may be having! After just a few speeches, including a hilarious one from all of Andrea’s brother in laws, it was time to dance the night away! The DJ set a fantastic mood with the beautiful ambient lighting! There were so many families and kids at Andrea and Troy’s wedding so it was SO much fun photographing the dancing and watching the kids faces light up and the little girls twirl around in their dresses like princesses! Andrea and Troy, I hope you enjoy this small sneak peek! I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world!

Bride Getting Ready Location: Puressence Salon & Spa and Home

Groom Getting Ready Location: Service Plus Inns and Suites

Wedding Colors: Turquoise, Black & Grey

Makeup: Neylla Edwards

Hair: Puressence Salon & Spa

Wedding Gown: Nina’s Fashions

Flowers: DIY

Decor: DIY

Ceremony Location: Church Of God

Reception Location: Easyford Hall

Cupcakes: Jenna Arychuk Panchyshyn

Catering: Grandma Jo’s

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