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Leah and Jordan- Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer

Leah and I have been friends since kindergarten- we lived down the road from each other, rode the same school bus and shared the same love for animals! I have so many great memories of us as kids- riding horses, playing with kittens, birthday parties, going camping with her family, getting teased by her big brother Chris and of course, dreaming about the day our Prince Charming’s would sweep us off our feet and we would get to wear that beautiful white dress! Though I moved away to Drayton Valley and hadn’t seen Leah in a while, I was so happy to reconnect with her before her wedding and find that she is still the same kind, amazing and down to earth girl that I knew growing up! I was so overjoyed to hear that she had met the love of her life Jordan. Leah is astonishingly beautiful (Jordan will still insist that SHE is the lucky one!) and has an even more beautiful heart. Jordan is 100% THE most hilarious person I have ever met in my entire life. It kind of baffles me why he isn’t some famous stand up comedian because he is so quick and witty- I seriously almost cried from laughing so hard a few times during their wedding day. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for the two of them. When I walked through the door to Leah’s parents beautiful home where the girls were getting ready, everyone was so relaxed and cheerful! It was such a peaceful morning! Leah had allowed plenty of extra time in her schedule for the day, so I think this may have been the first time ever that a bride was actually early for her ceremony instead of late! The morning wouldn’t have been complete without her adorable boxer, Diesel, who clearly adores her. He was stuck to her like glue the entire morning! The bride and her girls looked absolutely stunning. Their hair and makeup team did such a beautiful job, and I loved all of their gorgeous dresses and accessories! Leah and Jordan’s ceremony took place at Clymont Hall, which was a beautiful place to tie the knot! There was a large gazebo outdoors and the bride and her family had done an incredible job of decorating with flower baskets that they grew themselves! I loved the yellow and grey colour scheme that they chose for their day, the pops of colour in the flowers looked so cheerful and summery! The ceremony was short but heartfelt, full of laughter and a few tears. We left the ceremony and headed to Leah’s grandparents farm in Stony Plain. It was such an incredible location for photos! Her grandma had snacks and drinks set up so that close family members and the bridal party could relax and eat lunch during our photo time! It was a perfect temperature outside and gorgeous storm clouds filled the sky giving us nice diffused light and a bit of a dramatic, stormy look for some photos! We had a backup location just in case it poured like it had predicted in the forecast, but luckily it only started to rain just as we were finishing up the last of our photos (Okay, I could have kept photographing them all day long but Jordan was probably thanking his lucky stars for the rain because he was joking about cutting me cheques to stop pictures as soon as we were done family photos!). We headed back to Clymont Hall for the reception and it was decorated so beautifully! Fresh flower arrangements made by the brides cousin adorned the guest tables, yellow and grey paper lanterns covered the ceilings and they had the most beautiful cupcakes made by one of my favourite vendors, Cake Affair! The flower baskets had been moved from the ceremony inside the hall and it gave a romantic, enchanted garden sort of feel. I hope you enjoy this rather large sneak peek (again, with over 1500 photos being delivered to the couple I always have the hardest time narrowing down my favourites to just a few!)! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Campbell!

Bride’s Dress: Pure Bridal

Bridesmaids Makeup/Hair: Makeup: Melissa Bell

Jewellery: Etsy

Shoes: David’s Bridal

Ceremony: Clymont Hall

Ceremony Decor: DIY (Bride and Family)

Reception Decor: DIY

Reception Flowers: Bride’s Cousin

Cake and Cupcakes: Cake Affair


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