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Everly- Drayton Valley Newborn Photographer

I completely adore this beautiful family! After what seemed like forever, I was so excited to hear that beautiful little Everly had finally arrived! When Sabrina told me they were expecting a baby girl after 6 boys, I knew we had to do something super feminine and special! She gave me complete creative freedom for the session and since outdoor newborn photos are one of my favourite things to do, I envisioned something floral, soft and pretty with lots of pinks and purples! Sabrina brought a few props along with her that were special to them (Including a crown that they intend to photograph her wearing every year on her birthday, some bracelets that were gifts from her older brothers and a sign that read “Don’t Mess With Her!”. She is going to be one well protected little lady with 6 older, doting brothers!) It was a gorgeous day and Everly was such an angel for us, it couldn’t have been more perfect! When we met up for family photos, her 6 older brothers completely stole my heart! They were so sweet and cooperative, and even offered to help carry my props and ladder back to the car for me when the session was done! Sabrina and Chris sure have some amazing kids! This is just a tiny glimpse at a few of my favourite photos from her session, enjoy!


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