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Kinsleigh’s Minnie Mouse Cake Smash- Drayton Valley Photographer

It’s always exciting but also a little sad when babies finish my 1 year package. I have photographed Kinsleigh’s parents maternity photos, her birth, as a newborn, at 6 months, extended family photos and now her one year cake smash! It has been so amazing to watch this beautiful little girl and her family grow! She is just the sweetest little thing with the most adorable button nose and big doe eyes! I was thrilled when her mama said she wanted to do a pink cake smash with a subtle Minnie Mouse theme! Little miss gave us a good laugh when she got black all over her lips from eating the ears on her cake rather than the actual cake. She gave us smiles, silly faces and decided a few times she didn’t like cake anymore and had a few tears! We hid an her favourite arrow root cookies in the cake when she was upset and it was problem solved! I love this session almost as much as I love Kinsleigh’s huge personality!

Cake: Whisk Bakery

Tutu: Kala White


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