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Pink & White Wedding Shoot- Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer

I absolutely love being on maternity leave with my sweet baby boy, but I also love my job a lot and have been itching to do something creative as of late! I wanted to do something simple and fun- just two people in love and a beautiful bouquet! The original plan was for the session to take place at the ice castle, but with the warm weather we had to resort to a different option! Although I was sad that it didn’t work out there, I am really happy with how this all came together!  I teamed up again with the incredibly talented ladies from Valley House Of Flowers for this session and told them to create whatever they wanted! They chose a palette of mainly soft pinks and white(my favourite!), with some subtle pops of lavender and green- the bouquet looked absolutely stunning! Valley House Of Flowers is one of my all time favourite vendors to work with for weddings, and I would encourage any bride to check out their stunning arrangements, you won’t be disappointed! I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to photograph Hailey and Nic, my stunning models for the shoot. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are such a sweet couple who are crazy about each other! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek from our fun afternoon together!

Bouquet: Valley House Of Flowers

Wedding Gown: The Bridal and Tuxedo House (Aire Barcelona)

Suit: Moore’s

Models: Nic and Hailey Davie



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