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Jyra & Kyle’s Mountain Engagement- Drayton Valley Photographer

Curly red hair flying free in the wind, a flowy blue dress, the majestic mountains and two souls deeply in love… it’s what my dreams are made of (and also reminds me a little of the movie “Brave”)!  I truly wish I could photograph in places as breathtaking as this everyday so I was thrilled when my cousin, Jyra, and her fiancé Kyle requested we take their engagement photos in one of my favourite places! It absolutely poured the entire drive to the falls and I prayed the whole way that by some miracle it would stop, and sure enough, just as we pulled up it quit raining(even though the mist from the falls ended up soaking these two anyways)! We had beautiful storm clouds and overcast light, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I loved capturing the connection these two have.  Jyra and Kyle I am so happy you have found each other and made the commitment to devote your lives to one another! I am so excited for your wedding and know that there will be many years of love and happiness in store for you! I hope you love this little sneak peek!

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