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Sierra and Matt- Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer

On the morning of their wedding, Sierra received a phone call from her fiancé Matt letting her know that “they needed to talk”. If I were the bride, a million thoughts would be racing through my mind and my first reaction would have been to panic! Thankfully, her groom didn’t get cold feet(literally, because Sierra gave him socks just in case), and thankfully he was okay! However, the night before their wedding, poor Matt was bit in the face by a dog and was in the hospital until after 2 AM getting stitches through his lip(I did my best to work my magic and hide it!)! Despite being exhausted, swollen and in pain, nothing stopped Matt from having a smile on his face when he saw his gorgeous bride! Their wedding took place on a beautiful day in early September at the Hidden Springs Retreat & Guest House. The White family, who owns the guest house, have been friends of mine since I was a child so I was very excited to be able to photograph this wedding on a gorgeous property that I had many fond memories at! As I drove up, I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the adorable signs that Sierra and Matt lined the driveway with! I clicked with Sierra right away when we first met. Though she was fun and easygoing, she was also very detail oriented and organized. I knew every last detail would be thought of on their wedding day (I wasn’t wrong, her wedding timeline included who was to turn on what crockpot at what time, and she even had a cute sign for a mimosa bar where the girls were getting ready. It was awesome). I loved this couple so much! They are sweet, kind, funny and they trusted me whole heartedly with suggestions for their wedding day and timeline. They were even up for laying on the ground in their wedding attire when I suggested we use their rose petals from the ceremony for pictures! The ceremony setup looked breathtaking. Lanterns, rose petals and signs that read a passage from 1 Corinthians lined the aisle. Sierra has painstakingly made beautiful paper cones filled with soil for their tree planting ceremony, and vases of Baby’s Breath from Terri’s Stems and Stuff sat atop rustic oak barrels from The Peppermint Hen. A rustic set of doors marked the entrance to the aisle where the bride would soon walk down. I loved that the ceremony was in the same location that the girls were getting ready so it made it super easy for me to take lots of detail shots of everything before guests arrived. The morning was relaxed and everything was flowing smoothly thanks to Sierra and her amazing wedding planner, Brittany, from Forever Enchanted Wedding and Event Planning. I can not say enough amazing things about her or the rest of the vendors involved in this special day! Elizabeth, from Blushed Beaute (one of my favourite makeup artists ever!) & Patricia from Patricia J Hair Designer were busy dolling the girls up! They looked so gorgeous and I adored their matching silk robes! As the ceremony was about to start I headed down the hill to where guests were waiting. Matt turned his back until Sierra reached the doors at the top of the aisle and when they opened them, he turned around to see his beautiful wife to be! I loved hearing the couple read their own vows, which made it so personal. After this wonderful couple said “I do”, we spent the afternoon taking photos and even had time scheduled in for them to relax for a bit, enjoy the day, and most importantly- eat something! It was lovely. The reception was held at the Breton Community Hall and my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw the incredible job that Dazzle By Dawn did decorating the venue. Seriously, if you ever need an event decorated she is your go to girl! It was so stunning! The couple also had the neat idea to set up both of their mothers wedding dresses! It is always fun to see a new idea! Sierra and Matt, I am truly thankful that you chose me to document your wedding day and I am so happy to consider you friends. I wish you nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness together and I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of some of my favourites from your day!

Ceremony & Brides Getting Ready Location: Hidden Springs Retreat & Guest House

Flowers: Terri’s Stems and Stuff

Rentals: The Peppermint Hen

Rentals & Decor: Dazzle By Dawn

Tent Chairs: Parkland Rentals

Food: Royal Purple

Videography: Memory Lane Videography

Hair: Patricia J Hair Designer

Makeup: Blushed Beaute

Wedding Planner: Forever Enchanted Wedding and Event Planning

Tuxedos: Derks

DJ: Matt K

Justice of Peace: Denise Lange



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