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Christmas Mini Sessions 2016- Winter Wonderland Set

My friend, Melissa, and I are so alike sometimes it’s scary. Our decorating tastes, love of styling events and parties & the constant need for creativity. It only seemed natural that we joined forces to create some gorgeous Christmas Mini Sessions! I’m really looking forward to planning more gorgeous mini sessions in the future, so I thought I would do a blog post highlighting a handful of photos and detail shots from our first set! We chose a winter wonderland theme mixed with the concept of a cozy, outdoor living room. We envisioned a colour palette of white, gold & green with embellishments of fur throws and cozy knits to add a luxurious look. Melissa didn’t overlook a single detail and even added glowing lights in decorative trees and a hand made wreath. I love how these sessions looked so much! The winter concept and colour scheme makes them neutral enough that they could be proudly displayed on your walls all year long, but would also make a gorgeous Christmas card photo! I hope you enjoy this small fragment of the photos we got!

Styling: Melissa Eidick

Antique Door: Stagecoach Rentals

Vintage Couch: The Peppermint Hen

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