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Henry’s Construction First Birthday


Going off of my previous post about long overdue blogging, I’ve decided to blog my son’s first birthday party! He has always had a total fascination with trucks and tractors (or anything with wheels, really) and one of the first “words” he learned how to say was “Vroooom! Vrooom!” along with other motor sounds as he pushed his toy trucks across the floor. It seemed only fitting to plan his birthday party to have a construction theme! I really like baking birthday cakes for my loved ones myself from scratch, so of course I had to make his! It was a chocolate zucchini cake and it is seriously the most delicious chocolate cake recipe I have ever tasted. It’s not too sweet, and had that deep chocolate flavour. Perhaps the recipe can be another blog post I share in the future! I iced it with home made chocolate cream cheese frosting and decorated with a Cat dump truck, crushed up chocolate bars for the side and some Oreo crumbs at the base! My friend, Aria, from Whisk Bakery generously supplied us with cake stands for the day! My mom and I also baked lemon, banana-walnut and chocolate cupcakes for guests. I purchased the party invitations, buffet tags, birthday banner and cupcake toppers from One Swell Studio, and they were absolutely perfect for our party theme! I had all of our party guests pose for a photo as they arrived wearing construction gear purchased from Gregg Distributors, which makes a lovely memento for his birthday album (if I can ever get around to making it). My mom and I made the table centrepieces and party favours using a pylon, balloons from valley House Of Flowers, and treat bags filled with Reece’s Pieces and a mini Tonka Truck, they turned out adorable! Last but not least, we hit the jackpot at Party City for party supplies in our specific colour scheme! Serving dishes, utensils, napkins, paper straws, tablecloths, gold coin chocolates  (or shall I say “Day’s Wages”), rock candy and so much more! We are so thankful to all of the guests who took the time to come out to Willey West and celebrate our sweet little boy’s first birthday! We all felt so loved. This day was magical and exhausting, and I can’t believe it has already come and gone! I hope you enjoy a few photos from this special day!

Kara’s Party Ideas has published this event and can be viewed here:

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