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Henry’s Woodland Baby Shower

If you guys haven’t guessed by all of the sappy posts I have made tonight, I’m feeling a little sad that my baby isn’t really a baby anymore! I have spent the last little while looking through old photos and realized that I do not share nearly enough photos with you guys that I take in my personal life! I also then realized that I hadn’t blogged my son’s adorable woodland baby shower from almost 16 months ago! My mom and I love to decorate and host parties so it was a blast to style this event.

Decorating: Melanie Bennett & Rhonda Mayer

Woodland Cookies & Log Cakes: Whisk Bakery (Seriously, could she be more talented?)

Birch Straws: pomtree on Etsy

Dishes: Chapters Indigo

Woodland Creatures: Homesense

Wooden Favour Tags: Michaels

This party was also published by Kara’s Party Ideas and can be viewed here:


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