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Baby Vander- Drayton Valley Newborn Photographer

This in home newborn session was such a dream and is officially one of my new favourites. Little Vander was so sweet and alert- I loved capturing his beautiful sparkling eyes and wrinkly little feet! He is so luck to have such a loving and wonderful family. It was so sweet to witness their interactions with him, especially his doting big sisters.

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Such a sweet little peanut!

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Not only is Ashliegh a total rockstar for raising 3 beautiful kids under the age of 3, but she also looks like a supermodel.

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He placed his hand on his mama’s lips for a kiss

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That little dribble of milk on his chin while holding his mama’s hand makes my heart want to explode!

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An outfit that was worn by a beautiful angel who I’m sure is looking down on him with love.

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Auliv is so sweet to her baby brother

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The most adorable siblings ever!

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I loved their look of concern when Vander started to cry, it was so sweet.

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It’s a good day when Grandma comes for a visit and brings treats!

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He was such a wide eyed babe!

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I love how squishy he is

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Those eyes

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