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Tara & Dan | Mountain Engagement

I distinctly remember the day I first met Dan. A new guy had been transferred to Greg’s work and he was going to be our room mate. I hadn’t met him yet, but he had moved some stuff in when I wasn’t home. We were sitting on the couch watching a show when all of a sudden someone came thundering in and stood behind me. A loud voice boomed: “WHO WAS EATING MY PEANUT BUTTER?! WAS IT YOU MEL?” Stunned, I turned around to see a giant of a man with an angry expression on his face. I had a scoop of peanut butter from a jar earlier thinking it was ours and this guy was completely freaking me out. Who even gets that crazy about peanut butter? He played along with the act for another minute or so when, to my relief, a huge, goofy grin covered his face and he began to laugh. He was totally kidding and made quite the first impression.

When I think of Dan, I think about how he is the guy that is always making others laugh and is never without a witty comeback or joke. I also think about how he would take over the TV while I was watching Twilight so that he could turn on hockey instead, or the fact that Dan and my husband, Greg, literally played Tiger Woods PGA Tour for NINE HOURS straight one day. I was so excited to hear that Dan had a girlfriend and that things were getting pretty serious! Tara came with Dan to visit us shortly after my son was born, and even though I’m pretty sure my baby had kept me awake for the last 57 hours (and I probably looked and smelled like a Walking Dead extra), I had such a wonderful time visiting and getting to know her! She was sweet and kind, easy to talk to and absolutely beautiful!  After several months, Dan told us that he planned to propose to her on their trip to Hawaii and the rest is history!

Last month, we planned a weekend getaway with Dan and Tara in Canmore. We relaxed in the hot springs, checked out some local pubs, ate way too much chocolate and Starbucks, and had a blast playing ‘Taboo’ (which Tara and I kicked the guys butts in). We also took some beautiful engagement photos while we explored the great outdoors! At the end of the day, they requested some photos in their hockey jerseys. Tara and Dan cheer for different teams so they also requested that we stage a fight, or battle of the Oilers and Leafs if you will. I can’t help but laugh at what goofs these guys are as I scroll through the photos. Tara loves hockey probably as much as Dan does, so they are literally a match made in heaven. It was such a great weekend. I can’t wait for these two to tie the knot! Here’s a little sneak peek at our weekend spent together!


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In true Dan fashion, I got quite a few interesting poses and facial expressions when Tara wasn’t looking. I thought i’d throw in a few bloopers 😉


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