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Brenda + Dave | Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer

I have found the one whom my soul loves.

-Song of Solomon 3:4

When I left Drayton Valley to photograph Brenda & Dave’s wedding, it was beautiful outside. The sun was shining, birds were singing and I decided to wear a dress and flip flops for this gorgeous occasion. I couldn’t be more excited to witness these two say “I Do!”.  The closer I got to my Auntie Brenda’s home, the gloomier the weather got. The clouds rolled in, the wind started, it rained, then it snowed. I knew that Brenda had her heart set on a beautiful springtime ceremony outdoors on the patio, but it would probably have to be moved inside. I was really hoping that the weather hadn’t dampened her spirits, and thankfully it hadn’t. When I walked in, all I could feel was happiness flooding the entire house. Everything for the day would take place in one location, which made the day really relaxed. I was able to pop in and out to take detail photos, portraits of Dave and my cousins while the girls got ready. The basement was transformed into THE most beautiful ceremony and reception location. Brenda is so creative, talented and has an eye for styling things and making anything look beautiful so I knew that it was going to look dreamy. Romantic string lights cast a romantic glow, small round glass vases held pretty daisies in water and were supported by delicate branches on the ceiling. Fresh cut white flowers and greenery draped the tables and dozens of candles made for a cozy and intimate atmosphere. After a simple, sweet and emotional ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family, we headed out to take some photos. It was SO freezing, but it just gave Dave and Brenda an excuse to snuggle and stay warm (not that they needed one anyways). When we could no longer feel our fingers or toes, we headed inside for dinner. The couple opted for a non-traditional reception and simply had a delicious meal and an evening of of laughter, visiting and cupcakes from Fuss. Being the romantic guy that he is, Dave planned an elaborate 2 week surprise honeymoon to a few different destinations and they left later that evening after the wedding for the airport. The love Brenda & Dave share is so real and so beautiful. I adore seeing them laugh together and I know that they will still be laughing together even when they are old and grey. I hope you love this little glimpse into this special day! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Biddiscombe!


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