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Sharon & Phil- Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer

Sharon and Phil’s wedding was the very last one I photographed before semi-retiring to stay home with my little ones, and I could not have asked for a more amazing day to finish off this season. I have known Sharon and her beautiful daughters for a very long time and they are so dear to my heart. This family has been through more heartache than anyone should have to endure in one lifetime, yet despite it all, they continue to smile and to choose joy even when it’s not easy. Each and every one of these ladies is just incredible! If there’s anyone who deserves a ‘Happily Ever After’, it’s Sharon. I was so excited to learn that Phil had proposed, and when I met him at their engagement session I knew he was one amazing guy.  He made Sharon laugh constantly and when she was with him, her eyes just sparkled. They were simply a perfect pair.

Often the morning of a wedding can be complete chaos and to be honest, a little tense with all of the nerves.  When this couples big day finally arrived and I showed up to photograph the ladies getting ready, the home was so full of peace and happiness. Sharon has a gorgeous antique piano that I instantly fell in love with and knew it would be perfect for her detail photos! The dress she chose was absolutely gorgeous and it was complimented by timeless and classic red roses. All of the girls looked absolutely beautiful. When I met the guys at the hall, they were also calm, cool and collected. The couple exchanged vows in a low key, beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loving families and friends. The summer was soon coming to an end and the beautiful colours of autumn were beginning to show, which looked absolutely lovely in their photos!

Mr. & Mrs. Bourdeau, you are both such wonderful people and I am so honoured to have been able to photograph your wedding day. I hope you love this sneak peek!
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