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Mountain Romance- Green & White Winter Wedding Shoot

Last winter, my wonderful friend, Melissa, and I took a weekend girls trip to Jasper! We both love anything to do with weddings, styled events, flowers, mountains and being creative so we decided that while we were there we would plan a beautiful styled shoot for fun! One thing I admire about Melissa is that if she commits to something, she gives it her all and the end result is nothing short of absolutely extravagant! We were so excited about all of the ideas we had, that I think we may have slightly underestimated how much work this little shoot of ours was going to be (and maybe overlooked a few certain details like that fact that we would need a utility trailer to haul all of the supplies there! Melissa may have purchased a loveseat just for this occasion, haha!). Regardless of how little sleep we got and how much work it was, the weekend was just incredible and refreshing. We rented the coziest little cabin and it smelled like a flower shop because it was FILLED to the top with all of the fresh flowers, greenery and eucalyptus that Melissa brought to decorate with. We did run into a few hiccups. It was so cold that our flowers froze solid almost instantly, the wind was fierce and kept blowing out the candles on the table (and freezing our poor rockstar models, seriously, they were AMAZING and powered through the cold like it was nothing!) and it was so snowy that the incredible mountain view was almost non-existent, but aside from that, this shoot could not have come together more beautifully! Each and every vendor that contributed to this shoot did such a lovely job and was essential in bringing this vision to life! Enjoy!

Photography: Melanie Bennett Photography

Coordinator & Florals: Melissa Eidick

Location: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Makeup: The Salon, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Hair: Hair Wizardry by Cara Zazelenchuk

Gown: Allure Bridals- The Bridal House

Menswear: Egara- Moores

Stationary: BloomPaper

Desserts: Cake Affair

Models: Ashlyn and Jake Collins

A huge thank-you to Melissa’s dad for all of his hard work in helping us put this together! We truly couldn’t have done it without you!

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