Congratulations! On your upcoming wedding. You have found a great place for your wedding photography. Whether you use our services or not, please feel free to bookmark us as a great source for your research into photography for your special day. Here we have a number of resources for your convenience. After all once the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted all you will have left are is photos of your wedding and your engagement.Also, your engagement rings will be notable on the wedding photos. So, if you choose unusual engagement black diamond rings for such an event, the wedding pictures will become even more exquisite.

Melanie is a highly trained professional photographer specializing in many g0enres of photography. Melanie is not “just” another wedding photographer. This allows him to bring insight and creativity outside the box, setting him apart from other photographers in the islands. The results are beautiful and unique images. Take a look at Melanie personal work portfolio or go to his commercial photography site and have a look. See if you don’t agree with the many corporations and magazines around the world that use his work.

So why do we shoot weddings? What’s not to like? It’s a day full of love and laughter, and the brides look oh so beautiful! We consider it a unique privilege to participate in such a special day.

Melanie’s wedding clients are couples who are a little adventuresome, love to laugh, and totally in love – people who understand the significance of great wedding photography, and who will value their photos for years to come.